Forearm Protector-Protects from wrist to below the elbow. 

Dermasaver products protect fragile skin and reduce shear and pressure. They are created especially for elderly and disabled people. The Dermasaver products reduce pressure on bony prominence and cushion fragile skin from bumps and abrasions that cause skin tears. 

All Dermasaver products are manufactured from the unique Microspring textile. This material offers breathability, moisture transfer and anti-microbial protection not possible with gels, foams, and fleece or cotton sleeves and reduces all of the conditions that cause skin breakdown.

The unique features of the Dermasaver products not only create a preventative effect but also a therapeutic effect on existing wounds. The Dermasaver products allow existing wounds to heal faster by protecting them from additional environmental assaults.

Dermasaver features:

  • Preventative and therapeutic effect.
  • Dermasaver products fit right and stay positioned on the desired area. 
  • All products are made of smooth fine fiber knit surface yarns to reduce friction and shear to a minimum.
  • All Dermasaver products are treated with the ÆGis Microbe Shield. This anti-microbial shield inhibits the growth of micro-organisms. This shield is permanently bonded to the Dermasaver products and does not leach, or volatilize.
  • The products allow for moisture transfer and are breathable.
  • Dermasaver products can be used in combination with standard wound treatment procedures/products.
  • Products are totally washable even in high temperature laundries.
  • Latex free - 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex.

Arm protector is available in different sizes:

XSDER07012,7-17,8 cm
SDER07117,8-25,4 cm
MDER07225,4-30,5 cm
LDER07330,5-38,1 cm
XLDER07438,1-45,7 cm

Measure around the widest part of the forearm. Choose the larger size if measurement is between sizes.

Forearm protector