Shin protector-Protects from ankle to below the knee. Great for residents in wheelchair.

Dermasaver products protect fragile skin and reduce shear and pressure.

Dermasaver features:

  • Preventative and therapeutic effect.
  • Dermasaver products fit right and stay positioned on the desired area. 
  • All products are made of smooth fine fiber knit surface yarns to reduce friction and shear to a minimum.
  • All Dermasaver products are treated with the ÆGis Microbe Shield. This anti-microbial shield inhibits the growth of micro-organisms. This shield is permanently bonded to the Dermasaver products and does not leach, or volatilize.
  • The products allow for moisture transfer and are breathable.
  • Dermasaver products can be used in combination with standard wound treatment procedures/products.
  • Products are totally washable even in high temperature laundries.
  • Latex free - 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex.

Shin protector is available in different sizes:

XSDER05017,8-22,9 cm
SDER05122,9-30,5 cm
MDER05230,5-38,1 cm
LDER05338,1-48,3 cm
XLDER05448,3-58,4 cm

Measure the circumference at the widest part of the calf. Choose the larger size if measurement is between sizes.

Shin protector