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Use of this website
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Information of third parties, products and services
Whenever Medlogics shows hyperlinks to other websites, it does not imply that Medlogics recommends the products or services on these websites. The use of these hyperlinks is for your own risk. Medlogics does not accept any responsibility or liability with respect to the content, the use or availability of such websites. The truthfulness, accuracy, fairness, reliability and completeness of information on such websites is not verified by Medlogics.

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Online communication
Messages which you send by e-mail to Medlogics, might by unsafe. Medlogics advises not to send confidential information by e-mail to Medlogics. In case you send messages via e-mail to Medlogics, you accept the risk that third parties might intercept, abuse or change the e-mail.

Exception of liability
Medlogics and/or its agents or subcontractors do not accept any liability with respect to direct and/ indirect, immaterial or caused damage (including related profit) (also in case Medlogics is pointed to the possibility of the damage) which result to some degree of but not restricted to (i) defects, viruses or other deficiencies of devices and other software related to the access or use of this website, (ii) the information offered on or via this website, (iii) intercepted, changed or abused information which is send to Medlogics or to you, (iv) the working or unavailability of this website, (v) abuse of this website, (vi) loss of data, (vii) downloading or using software which is offered via this website or (viii) claims of third parties related to the use of this website. The exception of liability is partly to protect the managers and staff of Medlogics.

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In case the Disclaimer in another language differs from this one or causes twists, the English version is decisive.

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